I Can’t Fall Asleep: 8 Reasons Why You Can’t Sleep


Having trouble sleeping? Tossing and turning saying “I can’t fall asleep?” Not only is it difficult during the night, the next day is harder as well! What are some causes for you and what keeps you awake at night these days?

Most professionals say that getting the right amount of sleep for you is critical to overall health and well being. In reality, this is hard to do for many of us. Even worse, when we decide to finally get some shut-eye, hours go by and sleeping becomes harder. This further leads to frustration and sleepless nights. SO what are some tips for improving on this situation?

11. Messy Bedroom

If you have a messy or cluttered bedroom results it can result in a cluttered mind, which then leads to sleeplessness. Short-term sleep problems such as waking up in the middle of the night and insomnia are frequently the result of stress.

What options do you have? Throw out unfinished papers, bills, spreadsheets or scrapbooks into the trash or a box to be sorted later. Eliminate the old and messy stuff within your room. The breathing room and extra space are what your sleeping environment needs.



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