4 Tips to Prevent Lower Back Pain While Driving

Lower back pain while driving

Taking a long trip with a vehicle, such as a car, a train, a bus or a plane would make the body tired. In fact, some people may also experience low back pain. So how to prevent low back pain if you have to sit a long time in the vehicle? Come on, consider the following explanation.

Why sitting for a long time in the vehicle causes lower back pain?
Low back pain is characterized by the appearance of pain in the lower back, that is, above the buttocks. Most of these conditions are common in the elderly. Your joints, muscles and spine wear out as you get older.

Low back pain is persistent. In addition to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, people with this condition should also adjust their activities. For example, do not sit too long to prevent back pain from recurring.
When launching a study conducted by University School of Medicine, researchers found a link between low back pain and driving activities.
This is because driving requires that a person feel for a long time.

Sitting for long periods, even when in a vehicle, causes excessive pressure on the muscles and bones around the lower back. In addition, sitting also tends to tense the muscles because they do not move actively.
These two things are what allow a higher risk of lower back pain and trigger back symptoms.

Tips to prevent low back pain when you sit for a long time in the vehicle
Sitting a long time increases the risk and triggers the recurrence of low back pain. For that, you must know how to prevent it.
The following are tips to prevent back pain due to the need to remain seated for a long time in the vehicle.

1) Maintain Sitting Posture

One way to prevent low back pain when you sit for a long time in a vehicle or drive is to maintain proper posture.
When sitting, your posture can bend forward and backward or to the right or to the left. This incorrect sitting position may reappear lumbago.
When sitting, keep your hips and knees at the correct angle. The trick, put your feet on the floor. You do not feel cross-legged. If you need to use foot pads so that the feet do not hang.
To be more comfortable, you can add support pads on your back. For example, folded blankets or small towels or pillows.

2) Use support tools for sitting

In addition to towels or pillows, you can use special pads to prevent low back pain when you know you want to sit for a long time in a trip or vehicle. The tool is called a lumbar roll, which is a cushion that maintains the sitting position.
Choose an best ergonomic office chair with armrests. Then, place the lumbar roller around the curve of the back over the buttocks. Place your hands on the back of the chair so that the body remains relaxed and sits upright.

When you want to stop, do not push your body forward. However, first stretch your legs and then slowly lift your body.

3) Make sure the body remains active

How to prevent low back pain when you sit for a long time in the next vehicle is to reduce pressure and stiffness in the muscles. Then, when you sit for a long time, take some time to move.
You can move around the toilet, buy food in the area of the complex or simply stand briefly every 15 or 20 minutes.

4. Don’t forget to drink water

The last step to prevent low back pain when you sit for a long time in the vehicle is to meet the needs of body fluids. In addition to preventing dehydration, water becomes one of the compounds that the body’s cells need to function normally.

If the water needs are insufficient, the body will generate a signal. One of the signs is spasms in the muscles that can cause low back pain. Therefore, meet your liquid needs with water or juice.


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