20 Interesting Facts About Avocado


People believe that avocados were originated far back 10000 B.C. in the Puebla state of Mexico. Avocados are delicious, healthy and versatile. Whether you eat them raw or cook a recipe, there are many reasons to love and eat this fruit. Yes! Avocado is a fruit. A Nahuatl is a word from where the Spanish word aguacate arrived and from this, the word avocado arrived.

Have a look at a few fun facts about avocados you might be unaware of.

1. Avocado is a berry

Definitely, not sweet but avocado is a fruit. Many people think that it is a vegetable and consider it as a berry actually. The scientific name of avocado is “Persea Americana”.

2. Majority of the avocados come from Mexico

Southcentral Mexico is the hub of avocados and majority of avocados come from Mexico that are sold at grocery stores. Avocados are grown in Mexico, year-round. Also, California and Florida are huge producers of avocados. According to evidence, avocados were consumed by indigenous people for more than 10000 years.

3. Good for sleep

Avocados are very good for sleep. If you are going through a sleepless night, try having an avocado. In case you are unable to sleep because of an impending assignment’s pressure, get assignment help.

4. New to the USA. 

In the country of the United States, Americans first knew avocados in the 1950s. In the beginning, the fruit was made popular by people of Florida, Hawaii, and California.

5. You can ripen the avocados

Take a brown paper bag and two bananas. Put avocado and bananas into the paper bag. A natural plant hormone named ethylene gas is released by bananas and it is helpful in ripening the fruit.

6. Avocados are a good substitute for butter

Baking goods like cakes and cupcakes are moistened with the use of avocados by many bakers. Avocados give a green tint to the dish when used in lieu of butter.

7. Beware of the peel

The peel-off from avocados can be harmful and toxic for animals like dogs and cats. Be as certain that the avocados’ remains go the garbage.

8. Maintains cholesterol

Talking about the health benefits, an avocado a day can keep the cholesterol lower. The people struggling with obesity and overweight can improve their LDL cholesterol levels by folding avocados in their diet.

9. Level up than bananas 

If you are fond of bananas smoothie because they are potassium-rich, you must know that potassium level is higher in avocados. In fact, avocados comprise 1000 milligrams and bananas comprise 500 milligrams of potassium approximately i.e. equal to double.

10. Variety of avocados

Depending upon the region where avocados are grown, the texture and taste of avocados vary. The avocados grown in Florida are firmer and lower in fat, whereas, from Mexico, the Hass avocados are used in whipping and mashing. Moreover, 500 avocados can be produced by a single tree of avocado and there exist more than 1000 varieties of avocado.

11. Symbol of love

Aztec symbol of fertility and love is an avocado. Avocados grow on trees in pairs and they are not self-pollinated.

12. Royal fruit

In early time, avocados were accessed by royal people only and were considered to be a luxury food item.

13. Ice cream desert

Avocados are consumed by the Brazilian as a dessert with ice cream.

14. Live as long as 18 months 

Avocados don’t ripen until they are removed from the branches of the tree. They can stay for eighteen months on the trees. Avocados ripen faster than bananas or apple when placed in a brown bag.

15. Shape of avocados

Avocados also vary in shape. Generally, pear-shaped avocadoes are the most common. Egg-shaped and spherical avocados can also be seen commonly.

16. 4-month-old baby

The size of the 4-month-old baby is equal to an avocado.

17. High fiber content

Avocados contain insoluble as well as soluble fiber, which is required for the proper digestion of food. It keeps you away from gastrointestinal diseases.

18. Cocktail avocado

The cocktail avocados are one of the unique types of avocado in which no pit is included. One can eat the whole avocado without peeling.

19. Avocados are lethal to horses

For horses, avocados are so toxic that they can result in death due to heart failure and respiratory distress.

20. Alligator pear and Lauraceae

Another name of avocado was alligator pear tree due to its shape and texture. The name avocado was first given in 1696 to a fruit. Flowering plants named Lauraceae comprises avocados in the family.


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