What are 12 Most Popular Diet Plans That Work?

Most Popular Diets

Most of us have had a day when we saw the numbers on the scale & decided it’s time to start a diet and look for one of the most popular diet plans that work. Is there a magical formula out there to help you solve your weight problems? No, and you shouldn’t be looking for magic here; being healthy & fit is a longer journey than a 7-day diet for most of us.

most popular dietsYour body needs nutrients and nurture, so be careful which diets you are following. There are healthy diets to try if you are looking for weight loss, and since we’re all looking for a little jump start to better health, here are 12 popular diets to consider. See which one suits you best. Don’t forget, a healthy diet is a life-long journey towards fitness and being healthy!

The Most Popular Diet Plans Review:

1 The Dukan Diet – Popular Diet Plan

A French nutritionist Pierre Dukan came up with this diet more than ten years ago, and he earned vast popularity in France at first, and then he took over the world. French ladies swear by the name of the Dukan diet and Giselle Bundchen and J-Lo have also tried this one and claimed it is effective, and Kate Middleton is one the fans too.

The rules are simple:

  •  Increased protein intake
  •  Decreased carbohydrate intake
  •  No starving
  •  No portion limits
  •  Healthy and tasty food

The diet consists of four phases depending on the amount of carbohydrates you are allowed to take. The diet starts with eliminating carbs and ends with going back to “normal” after the fourth phase.

  1. The attack phase
  2. The cruise phase
  3. The Consolidation phase
  4. The Stabilization Phase


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