11 Benefits of Chia Seeds and How They Help You


I bet you have heard of Chia seeds or you might have seen a recipe somewhere calling for Chia seeds. But have you figured out the benefits of chia seeds for you yet?  In relatively recent years, Chia seeds have become incredibly popular and trendy thanks to their numerous health benefits.

Health Benefits of chia seedsThese seeds have become a major ingredient in different recipes; from drinks to meals and many people are talking about the marvelous chia seeds benefits.

1What are Chia Seeds?

Chia seeds come from a flowering plant in the mint family known as Salvia Hispanica which is commonly found in South America. They are naturally black or white in color and have been classified among the healthiest foods in the world.

These small seeds can expand and hold up to 10 times their dry weight in liquid. When they absorb liquid, the seeds swell into gel like balls.

Chia Seeds: How to Eat

chia seeds how to eat them

One of the most popular ways of eating the seeds is making a chia pudding.  A chia pudding involves mixing a ¼-cup of the seeds in one cup of fruit juice or almond milk. Once the seeds gel up and the mixture is no longer watery, your pudding is ready to eat. To prepare this pudding, you need around 10 to 15 minutes. Since Chia seeds don’t have a lot of flavors, you can add your favorite spices, fruits, nuts and other toppings you like.

Dry Chia seeds can also be added grounded or as whole seeds to juices and smoothies, sprinkled on salad or mixed with oatmeal or yogurt.  Since Chia seeds absorb a lot of liquid, it’s essential to stay well hydrated when consuming them especially in their dry form.



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