105 Benefits of Quitting Smoking: All You Need to Know

105 Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Smoking is a habit which has been blamed for an incredibly long list of negative side effects and we’ve compiled a TON of benefits of quitting smoking. We all either have smoked or know someone that smoked so coming up with some reasons why NOT to smoke is really not that hard for any of us to do.  But coming up with a really L-O-N-G list of reasons why  one might want to think about quitting smoking is something else.  And that’s what we’ve done here with these benefits of quitting smoking.  These adverse effects range from poor health impacts to economic implications, social issues, and environmental interference among others.

We’re pretty sure that there’s a s something for everyone in here to latch onto and either share or consider using as motivation for quitting smoking.

Below are 105 Reasons & Benefits of Quitting Smoking:

1Self-Help Benefits of Quitting Smoking:

1. Because you can; this is a personal decision someone else can’t make for you. You have to make this decision yourself.

2. Not smoking will help boost your personal appearance. You’ll keep your skin nice and soft, have clean teeth and eliminate smoking odor. It really is amazing the skin benefits of quitting smoking that many don’t think about in advance. (NOTE:  Once you quit, you will be really surprised at how many things no longer smell of leftover smoke.)

3. Regain your youthful look and avoid having unsightly wrinkles that will make you look old. Smoking slowly eats away your youthful appearance.  And additional lines around the mouth and eyes are especially common with smokers.  We could go on and on about the beauty benefits of quitting smoking!

4. People will often have negative impressions about you. It’s an odd but true fact that your arrival and an impression of you can occur as soon as someone catches a whiff of the smoke trailing along with you.

5. Not smoking will help you lead a more normal life once again. You’ll be able to sleep better, regain your sense of taste and smell as well as feel active and energized. No more smoking odor.

6. Smoking is expensive! When you quit smoking, you’ll save a lot of money which you can channel to other useful things.  Have you ever done the math of what one to two pack a day habit costs per month?  Per year?  Well, and what about per decade?  What else could you do with that money?

7. You will regain quality time you spent on smoking and instead, engage in activities that will promote self development or are simply *F*U*N*. Smoking is a large  of time.  Let’s do some more math here!  Five to 10 minutes per smoke, 20 smokes in a pack, 100 to 200 minutes per pack.  WOW!

8. Smoking drifts you further away from your loved ones; family and friends. Quit smoking to reestablish lost relationships and be close once more to the people you hold dear.

9. When you quit smoking, your loved ones will stop worrying about you and your health. Many smokers are often asked by their loved ones if they’re still smoking or, when will they quit.

10. When you stop smoking, you reestablish your personal esteem and once again, feel good about life and who you are. Actually, you will learn to appreciate your value as a human being with a purpose.

11. Smoking has been found to make smokers more irritated. When you quit, you’ll be more patient and avoid getting irritated by small things.

12. Quitting smoking will lessen your anxiety. Smoking is known to trigger anxiety. Staying away from those cigarettes will make you more relaxed.

13. Smokers tend to have a clouded mind.

14. When you quit smoking, you’ll be cleaner, feel cleaner and more beautiful which is a benefit for anyone.



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