10 Warning Symptoms of Breast Cancer You Need to Know!

breast cancer

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancers among women in the United States— with one in every 8 women developing this cancer. Breast cancer typically develops as a small tumor (or lump) in the tissues throughout the breasts and then, if cancerous, spreads through the lymph nodes.

The best hope of surviving a breast cancer diagnosis is via early detection. That’s why routine self-exams of the breasts to identify any lumps, as well as annual check-ups and mammograms with your health care professional are important.  Knowing what to look for and what are some potential signs of this disease are the best means of insuring your health!

Some of the steps to look out for include:

1Detection of a Lump

When performing a self breast exam, carefully apply pressures to the breasts and surrounding tissues with your fingers. Both benign (non cancerous) and malignant (cancerous) breast lumps sometimes form under the armpit, in the collarbone, near the site of the lymph nodes, and around the nipples, as rigid, hard, tender lumps that don’t move when you press against them. Any tenderness may be due to swollen tissues. If you detect a lump, call your doctor immediately.

Itchy Breast

A common symptom of inflammatory breast cancer, a rash-less itch in and around your breasts can indicate an underlying issue more severe than dermatitis. The itchy sensation is often accompanied by nipple discharge and breast tissue that appears thicker or changed in texture. So don’t settle for a prescription ointment, ask your doctor to screen you for breast cancer right away.



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