10 Home Decor Tips to Brighten Up a Dark Living Room


There is always that one room in your house that appears to be the dreary one. The room is left dark and depressed irrespective of what you do.

There are several things such as the installation of additional lighting through electricians, changing the paints and many others that you can implement. This way you can well lighten up your living space.

The following are some of our favorite home décor ideas especially suggested by emergency electrician North Shore Sydney that you can use for lightening up your darker spaces:

#1. Having reflective surfaces

You need to reflect on the light that enters into space and this is one of the easiest ways to lighten brighten up your living space. You can apply this with the implementation of the decorative mirrors and choosing glass furniture as well as the decorative pieces that you can reach.

The light that is there around the room will be bouncing backlighting up space instantaneously.

#2. Repainting the walls

This is the most crucial thing that you need to do for brightening up the room is by changing the color of the walls. It is well noted that the room appears to be a darker one as the walls are painted in a darker shade.

You need to consider using a lighter tone of a similar shade instead of changing the color schemes. This is true according to the electricians of North shore that comes in for rewiring.

#3. Placing the rugs

The best way for brightening up the room is the addition of rugs if you have got darker colored flooring. The room will appear to become brighter once the rug is well-placed as you need to make sure that the rug is lighter in shade.

That might not be working for a particular room while one larger area of the rugs work at its best. You might well be able to place several smaller rugs all around the room if this is the case here. You can easily place them by the doorway or under the pieces of furniture.

#4. Lighting up your walls

Through the incorporation of more light into the décor, is the other great way to brighten up your room. You can well choose different sized scones for the expansion and brightening up the areas depending on the area where you want to incorporate them. This can be well done with the help of professional electrician lower north shore.

#5. Upgrading the furniture

If you are feeling that your room is too dark then the darker furniture can well be one of the issues. Here we would well recommend the replacement, repaint or refinishing of furniture to match up well with the lighter color tones. Your room will appear much brighter with light-colored furniture.

#6. Updating your light bulbs

This might seem to be a general one. However, this you need to perform with some professional assistance from 24-hour electrician Central Coast. You can bring about a huge difference in the amount of light your room would get.

You need to consider getting the light bulbs which offers a hint of blue besides checking the bulbs as they offer much of a cooler light instead of a yellow setting. To brighten it up overall as this can offset with any darker colors that are there in your room.

#7. Having a perfect balance

It is really very important for a room to have a perfect balance between the light and the darkness for creating highlights to give a proper dimension to your room. You can well lighten up the darker corners and areas with the addition of light.

The main aspect that is here is not going overboard and lighting up the things that you usually see. For better outcomes, you need to keep a steady contrast here.

#8. Embracing the darker hues

When you add some contrast with the darker pieces to the darkened room will actually be lightening them up though it seems a bit of counteractive. You might enjoy what causes you to have a brighter room with the correct amount of darker tones.

If you need not add the black ones for counteracting the room you need to add the navy tones instead of being a darker color. It is, however, all fun and on-trend withdrawing from the solid darker tone to work with.

#9. Curtains

To provide adequate privacy without turning your adobe into a lair of vampire, there are several window treatment options that are there for you today.

You need to way off those heavy darker shade curtains to absorb the light instead of opting for the translucent shades that would allow the sunshine to spread through the entire room.

#10. Supplementing daylight

You need to think carefully with the placement of the light fixtures on your entire space. Your room might appear to lack light on the ceiling with the dwindling of daylight with indirect lighting that aims upwards.


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