10 Best Selling Cars of All Time


Want to know what are the best selling cars of all time?  So did we, and we learned a lot along the way!  Car manufacturers have long fought market wars with the ultimate aim of having one of their cars be the best selling car around. Statistics have proved that the best selling cars of all time come from famous manufacturers whose industry reputation is strong and well-respected. The cars discussed in this list have the ability to quickly adapt and fully meet user expectations. With the list below, it’s really no surprise to discover the top best selling car of all time. You’ll also discover that it’s not only Americans who are not willing to let go of their pickup trucks.

Below is the comprehensive global list of the Top 10 Best Selling Cars of All Time:

1Toyota Corolla

Source: En.wikipedia.org

Topping the list and grabbing the most coveted place as the best selling car of all time is Toyota Corolla. With an invoice price range of between $16,000 – $ 21,000, this car is affordable compared to a lot of models featured in this list. Ever since 1966 when the first Toyota Corolla was released into the market, they’ve never looked back. In 1974, this car was already the best selling car in the world. In recent times, Toyota announced the sale of its 40th million unit clearly demonstrating they are the market leaders.



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